How to overcome the challenges of work from home?

How to overcome the challenges of work from home?

If you are reading this, you must be working in so-called “work-from-home”. As the covid-19 continues to spread, people have become accustomed to work-from-home. During such time, professionals are more interested in finding work-from-home opportunities and secure their future.

Work from home has its benefits and drawbacks too. These benefits are as follows-

  1. No Commuting hours- Mobility of people has been widely affected due to covid-19 and since March 22. Companies started operating remotely and, hence employees started working-from-home and people get extra work hours.

  1. The Health- One thing that everyone understood clearly is that health is the topmost priority. It is crucial to take care of health. Covid-19 affected only those who were not immune to this disease or less immune to Covid-19. The people who are less immune have poor lifestyles. So, when covid cases started soaring, people were dying mercilessly, doctors could not save lives, people started thinking about health and, many began to change their lifestyle.

  1. More family time and Survival strategies- Work from home and lockdown made people stay at home for days to stay safe. While being at home, many developed their interest in household work, and some developed new hobbies. This enhanced relationships in every role of human role and family come closer. People learned to minimize their expenses and survived in available or less available resources. There was the threat of contracting covid through groceries and other household stuff.

  1. Money-saving- As people stopped going out and everything was closed like restaurants, e-commerce deliveries, outlets, market. People had extra to save after basic expenses. lock-down saved people's money which they used to spend on street foods, restaurants, buying fantasy stuff, going on vacations was saved. Many learned to save money because of the uncertain future which came along with the pandemic.

After many benefits, Challenges of Working from home during covid-19. In this blog, we will discuss all the remote work-from-home jobs or work-from-home. Continue reading, we will also give hacks to overcome those challenges.

Here, we are giving some common work-from-home challenges and tips to overcome all those.

Challenge 1-

Less motivation & productivity- this is one of the major challenges and affects productivity, punctuality, on-time project deliveries, etc. Working from home is meant to be not monitored by any manager or team lead. In this case, many employees find it difficult to deliver the project on time and to maintain productivity.

Low productivity may not be your fault as many factors contribute to affect without your knowledge. It may happen due to not being monitored by anyone you may start to feel sluggish and less motivated.

Therefore, it is very important to find or understand factors that affect your productivity and make you feel sluggish.

Tips to overcome this challenge-

First of all, this has been observed widely that multitasking to finish several projects on time is a common reason for lower productivity.

Multitasking divides your focus between different tasks and therefore, requires individuals to take more time to finish a single task.

To overcome this challenge, if you have many tasks to finish, we suggest you prioritize them and pick up the next one after finishing the first one.

Take a short break in between tasks enhances productivity so, take a short duration break and finish the work.

Challenge 2-

Distractions- This is a widely accepted truth that being at home makes us more distracted and often involves a lot of effort in keeping the distractions away or minimizing it takes extra work time.

This distraction could be anything like- laziness, kids at home, relatives, mood swings, friends on call, TV or may something at home which may attract you more.

These distractions contribute to less productivity as well as the quality of work too. to be productive and sustain the quality of work you need to be self-disciplined.

Tips to overcome this challenge-

The best way to put distraction away is to find a dedicated & separated place where no one disturbs you.

Put your phone away and on silent mode if possible and limit your distractions such as checking social media more often and chatting on phone with relatives and friends.

Plan your work accordingly and take out some personal time to do your work. This will give kids the feeling that you are busy and hence they will not come closer to distract you.

Challenge 3-

Technology issue- Working remotely may cause many issues such as connectivity issues, network issues. And many cases It can be seen that if you belong to a small town or village then bad weather can cause transmission line fault. These issues refrain you from the smooth flow of work and can cause project delays.

It is more important for a company to ensure its employees have the right tools and techniques to work remotely.

Tips to overcome this challenge-

Invest in the right tools, software, and broadband connection that enables you to use it adequately during your remote work from home hours.

Try to look for alternatives to these technology issues and ask your manager to provide them so, that you can embrace new tools or technology.

Work from home can be more complicated than it seems if you do not know to cope up with it and further if you are not ready with option B.

In the end, we conclude that we need to be more attentive to these challenges until we working remotely. Since we do not know how long we have to work from home. Hope we have given good tips to overcome those common work-from-home challenges.

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