How to manage anxiety and stress in this pandemic

How to manage anxiety and stress in this pandemic

Since the covid outbreak, it has been 2 years and, there are still plummeting cases of covid-19 in the world. And people get stressed so easily because of being at home constantly and listening to the news.

Covid-19 brought many things to a halt like mobility, tourism, businesses, and many things. It affected people’s sentiments and they started thinking of being tortured by nature. Now and then people are dying mercilessly and there was a scarcity of oxygen cylinders in the hospitals. Doctors were unable to save lives, and scientists couldn’t understand the virus spike-protein genome sequence. There are still many mutants to get discovered through detection.

When the second wave hit our country, no one could understand and the situation became out of control. After 1st wave, people were gearing up to come back to normal and the situation of 2nd wave threw us off the rails.

In this situation it is important to think “is a covid-19 pandemic affecting our mental health?” and how it is affecting? Further, it is even more important to think that how can we reduce anxiety and stress naturally?

This pandemic has had many effects on our lives. Every people are facing some challenges and it does not matter which class they belong to. These challenges can be stressful, overwhelming and can also cause strong emotions in adults.

To live a healthy life and to manage everything like work from home, personal life, we need to manage anxiety and stress. We are here to give many ways to deal with anxiety and stress. We are giving some natural ways to overcome stress and anxiety caused by covid-19.

10 ways to deal with stress and anxiety in the pandemic.

Minimize watching the news or ignore news-

We have experienced that watching the news can be very stressful and you feel overwhelmed by the situation. It is clear no to watch news content all the time this is not going to help. It will make you feel afraid and stressed. Being aware of the situation is ok but hogging all the time won’t help.

Whenever you get too stressed by watching the news immediately turn off the television. Do not try to get yourself back to work. Instead, walk around the house and drink a glass of water or a cup of tea. When you get yourself back to your desk, sit straight, close your eyes and take a deep breath of count 5 and think that this is the truth, we have to stay strong and the best we can do is to keep ourselves busy and safe by following rules and regulations.

Talk to someone closest to your heart-

It is natural to feel bad and alone, cut-off if the situation makes you live like under house arrest, but just think It will save you. Whenever you feel like that immediately reach out to your friends or family. Talk to them openly about your feeling, situation, or anything that makes you feel light and improves your mental calmness.

If it is not possible every day then arrange a video call with your family and friends. And even some tools that give you a platform to watch movies together. You can also play the game virtually with your friend and family members like ludo, cards, other games too.

Do digital detox-

It is no doubt that social media has a huge influence on our lives and it’s like feeling connected to the world. As we all know that situation is not ok everywhere and too much of everything is very bad. It makes you feel more stressed and adds more anxiety. So, you should take a break from social media a least for one or two weeks. Do digital detox and keep your phone away or use it only when you get a call or have to make a call.

Watch your mental health-

Mental health is as much important as your physical health is. This pandemic has made us deal with our mental health more seriously. We all know that time is very difficult to survive but we can fight by keeping ourselves fit both, mentally and physically. Do not hesitate to reach out to mental health therapists or doctors for help, after all, they are trained and they have understanding and can address the issues on a deeper level than anyone else.

Take care of your physique-

We must have heard the old saying” a healthy body develops a healthy mind” and we all are agreed. A healthy body can keep you stable and can keep your mind and heart in good shape. By this second wave, we all are aware of the situation and have kept our workout space ready at our home. Gym trainers and owners have also shifted themselves online. Consult with your gym trainer and keep working on your physique and helping your health get better. If you haven’t joined any gym and want to work out alone then you download fitness apps from the play store. Physical exercise is not enough alone to make you fit, what matters even the most is the food you consume. Eat healthy, organic, high in fiber, low in fat and vitamin reach. It is proven that vitamin reach food will make your immunity stronger and will keep you healthy.

Further, you can take a rest from work and spend some time doing activities of your hobbies. You can also spend some time listening to music. You can also read some good books to distress your mind. All the tips will certainly help you to combat this covid-19 situation.

Stay happy, healthy and follow the guidelines and take precautions

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