Five most important resume tips for freshers graduating in 2021?

Five most important resume tips for freshers graduating in 2021?

We are starting by asking, how much do you agree? With the fact,“The first impression is the last impression” if your answer is yes! Then you are right. A great resume can land you in good positions in the corporate world. A resume is the first thing that displays you to the recruiters. Your personality is judged by the recruiter based on your resume format. A resume is a professional summary of your educational journey, accomplishments, career objectives, skills, hobbies. It is enough detail to give an idea about your personality to recruiters. It is very crucial for fresher to build an attractive resume to show your organizing skill. The hiring manager expects a well-formatted resume from a fresher. It can be one of the aspects to show your skills too. One thing you must know is that sometimes people also refer to resumes as curriculum vitae (CV-in short). Many experts agree that in the corporate world it doesn’t matter how good you are for the job or what set of skills you have unless you can talk your credentials to recruiters through your resume.

On average, a hiring manager or recruiter spends about 5 to 7 seconds scrutinizing a resume. Therefore, it is crucial for fresher or 2021 graduates to know the right way of creating an impressive resume that accentuates recruiters within seconds.

Again, to help you make a strong resume, we are about to share with you the top 5 tips for preparing a perfect, job-winning CV or resume, whatever you say. Continue reading-

What are the top 5 best resume tips?

Before sharing the top 5 resume tips, a fresher must know about formats of resume-

There are three most common resume formats as follows-

  • Chronological

  • Functional

  • Combination

You can choose any of these resume formats, which can be beneficial depending on your background and objectives. When thinking about specific formatting— like margin or font style — you should consider that your goal is to deliver an easily scannable professional document that allows the recruiter to quickly see why you are a good fit for the job or company.

Coming back to the top 5 resume or cv tips and answer your question- How can I make my resume stand out in 2021?

1. Choose the appropriate resume format-

The first & foremost tip is to choose an appropriate resume type to create an outstanding resume. As discussed above- There are many resume formats that fresher make use of, but the suggestion is- choose the format very wisely.

Resume formats serve specific purposes. For example- A combinational resume is ideal for people who have few years of work experience. This resume format is for people who are in the early stage of their careers. This resume format highlights skills that you have acquired as an early professional person. Being a graduate or fresher, you should choose a functional resume, which is only meant for skills rather than work experience.

2. 2. Mention complete contact information-

Your resume should have your contact details, such as your name, email ID, phone number, and home address, mention skype id too. To bolster your credibility & reliability, add your LinkedIn profile's id. Since in covid-19 pandemic many employers are conducting virtual interviews nowadays so, do check functionality of your ids. You need to mention complete contact details so that your employer finds it easy to contact you. Consider proper spacing between details and choose a standard font style. Add contact details in list format, it enhances your resume look.

3. 3.Mention your educational qualifications-

Since you are a college graduate or fresher, it is understood that you have no work history. Showcase your detailed educational qualifications in tabular format and reverse chronological order. Create separate boxes for each educational detail for example- there should be a separate box for 10th, 12th & graduation details. Further mention all the certifications you accomplished.

4. 4. Demonstrate your skillset, project & internship details-

Before writing your skills, search for job-specific skills relevant to the position for which you are applying. Apart from that mention your soft skills, technical skills. It should be in list format, organize your skills in two columns, like your skills in one column and level of expertise in another. Again, sort skill keywords from the job description and mention them in your skills. Further, project & internship details should be in a separate section. These details are an important addition to your resume, especially for freshers with no work experience. Give brief description, credentials, mention project name. Specify the duration of internship and project as well as the institution under which you completed this. Mention your role in the project & internship as well as some extra details. Keep it short and apply bullet points.

5. 5. Mention extra-curricular activities you might have pursued during your college days-

This section is to show your hobbies, interests, passions, and all the activities you took part in. under this segment, create a list of events, sports, quizzes, hackathons, college debates, extempore that you took part in. this will portray you as a multi-talented person, your co-ordination skills, team skills, management skills. If you hosted events, do not forget to mention them because that will show leadership capabilities. It will show that if there is any event in the company, you may be the person to contact you to manage such events.

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