Post Interview Tips

Post Interview Tips

In order to ace the interview, You should start your preparations few days back from the interview Day. This boosts your chances of clinching the interview and get a job of your dream. And We want the best for you, we want you to get a work you love and are best for.

Here are some important tips regarding how to prepare for the interview:

* Learn about your interviewers and the company

* Use the company's product

* Ask for the interview format

* Prepare your answers for commonly asked interview question

* Answer questions using the STAR method

* Ask for help to practice your answers

* Prepare a reference list

* Come prepared with your work examples

* Have smart questions for the interviewers

* Dress smartly

Learn about your interviewers and the company

It is important to get an understanding of the company and the interviewer's role in the organization. Learning this information can help you feel more confident in the interview. Study the company's website, recent press releases and social media posts to understand its goals, and determine how your experience makes you the best fit. Search specifically for its mission statement and overall objectives so you can talk about them with the interviewer.

Ask for the interview format

All firms have different ways of interviewing, so find out what type you should expect. Some will ask brainteasers, case questions or typical interview questions. Most will ask specific questions about the role, and you may need to solve a problem or complete a daily task. Ask the human resources manager what you can expect so you can adequately prepare.

Prepare your answers for commonly asked interview questions

Come prepared for some common questions, like, 'Tell me about your company’. Answer this question by highlighting your background and what makes you competent for the job. This is the best way to present your personal elevator pitch:

Other common interview questions include:

* Why do you want to work for our company?

* What are your greatest strengths?

* What are your greatest weaknesses?

* How would your last supervisor describe you?

* Why should we hire you?

* Why did you leave your last job?

* Explain a challenge and how you overcame it.

Answer questions using the STAR method

Expect the employer to ask you about how you applied a specific skill in your previous job. Tell stories using the Star Method:

* Situation: narrate the situation to the interviewer and make sure it sounds interesting when you are narrating it.

* Task: Explain what role you had.

* Action: Detail your actions of how you overcome the situation and be proud while detailing it.

* Result: Explain the results you achieved by your actions. And you must tell them the lesson you earned. This

Ask for help to practice your answers

An effective way to work on your answers is by speaking them out loud. Ask a trusted friend or family member, who has some experience of giving or taking an interview, to help you in going over the questions and answers. They will give you the honest opinion of what are the various field of skill you need to work on.

Prepare a reference list

Your interviewers might ask you for a reference list just before or after the interview. Having a reference list ready to hand over in the interview shows you're prepared and organized.

Come prepared with your work examples

During the interview, the interviewer would likely ask about the specific work you have completed related to the position. After going through the job description, you should recollect the work you have done in your previous job.

Have smart questions for the interviewers

Employers prefer to hire applicants who come up with smart questions. They are more interested in finding out how serious you will be when you are working with their company.

Here are some questions you can ask to the interviewers

* Can I know some of the daily responsibilities of this position?

* What departments does your team interact with regularly?

* What do these departments use to collaborate?

* How does this process work?

* What challenges are you currently facing in this role


One of the first thing employer want is that the people who work for their company have dressed good and formal and is professional. You should pick out your suit days before interview and make sure you look attractive when you are wearing it. Never wear skinny ties, this leaves a bad impression of you on the Employer.

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