How to overcome the fear of interview confrontation?

How to overcome the fear of interview confrontation?

Do your heart beats faster or you feel palpitations when you have an interview the very next day?

Do you have fear of interviews? Having interview fear or phobia of being choked during the interview is very common. Even a survey reveals that 73% of job seekers confessed that looking for a new job or job change is one of the most stressful parts of professional life.

In most cases, people apprehend that whether they will face interviewers or not. And, they are less confident in confronting people because of this is very natural to think that someone is about to judge your mannerism, they will ask something from course that you may not answer.

This is no wonder that you get nervous before or during the job interview, especially when if it’s your dream job or desired job and you are also very high in your emotions.

Being anxious about the job can sabotage your attitude and your performance too. So, your big day will be ruined. further, it may lead to serious interview blunders-including blanking out, shivering, confusion, sweating, etc.

If you couldn’t manage your fear of job interviews, it will accentuate interviewer attention that may give them a reason to finish job interviews.

Though some feelings of nervousness or fear may be unavoidable, the best part is that they can be managed through some positive habits and the right attitudes.

An interview is usually a formal interrogative conversation between interviewee and interviewer. They both face each other for the first time and get time to understand you as a future or to be an employee of the company. They only judge you on the job role perspective and try to find how you are fit for the role. If you can succeed to manage your emotions and fear then it may be a new start in your life and may earn you good grace. But first, you must control your fear of the interview.

To control such, fear you need to understand the cause of fear. The next paragraph will list our major reasons for fear of job interviews.

What causes fear of job interview confrontation?

You fear interview because you fear failure- Every person feels like that you don’t want to be wrong in front of others. You don’t want to be blank out during the job interview. Fear of failure may also cause sweating or confusion in giving answers.

You fear job interview confrontation due to bad experience- Past experiences play a crucial role in facing job interviews. If someone had a bad experience of an interview it may make people afraid of the same event occurring.

You are afraid to face an interview you might not be hired- you are scared that you will be judged on your speaking skills or maybe on your outer appearance. If you are not prepared or less prepared it threatens even more people whether they will be asked something from unprepared topics.

You are not confident in giving an interview- this particular fear may have many reasons like you are not prepared, your appearance, your attitude, and most importantly your communication skills. Perhaps your technical or non-technical skills aren’t as good as you would like them to be, and you are afraid that you will not be considered for the job role.

Since we have enough discussed fear of interview confrontations and their cause. Now, we will discuss some useful tips to overcome this fear and by implementing so it will vanish. Stay on the next information.

Useful tips to overcome interview fear?

Be Prepared- first and foremost tip to overcome interview nervousness, along with remembering that a bit of anticipation may actually help you sharper and hence you will perform better.

If you do proper homework, preparation will lead to more confidence. While preparing you must consider all the important portions which can be asked. Also, do not forget to read about the company like what they are? When did the company start? About their product/services etc.

Prior preparation is the best way to tackle the anxiety and fear of an interview. Further, you can manage your nervousness and stay strong during an interview to perform better just like any athlete.

Positive attitude- Many authors and successful people perceive that positive thinking and strong perseverance are the need to overcome any fear. Rejections are the part of life and it makes people stronger. Negativity can prevent you from finding your inner powers and you will not understand yourself and thus you can’t express yourself well in your interview. A positive attitude is the most desired quality that interviewers seek in candidates and apparently, nobody will hire a candidate with a negative attitude.

Relaxing techniques- have you heard about power posing that 2 min life hack in which people stand in a posture with strong power. This is a self-improvement technique that can help boost your confidence instantly and give you immense power to perform better. A recent study entails that power posing reduces “cortisol” (stress hormone) and enhances mood enhancer hormones(testosterone). So, it’s best practice to use this hack to perform better and reduce fear.

Exploring breathing techniques- A simple deep breathing can calm your mind and helps you to re-organize your thoughts. It can do wonders during the interviews and helps you to regain your power to fight back with anxiety. This is a very old technique in calming the mind and organizing thoughts to overcome instant situations. Fear may cause increased heartbeat and hence breathe so, it’s advisable to take pause and do 5 deep breathing to manage the sense of panic.

Performing better during a job interview- this can be done by making some indirect relationship with an environment like seating up-straight, making eye contact, listening attentively before answering, understanding how they are steering you in another direction. Try to answer politely and show your strengths while doing so. If you don’t know the answer to the questions asked by them don’t hesitate to admit and redirect questions with a familiar similar is good practice to have relevant information about an organization.

As a candidate, it is very crucial to be aware of your mental and emotional state before thinking about a job interview. It is advisable that first think and scrutinize the type of fear that you have and learn about possible ways to overcome and manage them before entering the interview room. Further, we recommend watching TEDx videos or watch successful people.

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