How to find jobs on various job platforms if you're fresher?

How to find jobs on various job platforms if you're fresher?

Fresher is the most fortunate stage with only one question in mind that is most probably “how to get a job”. The most crucial step in a bachelor's life is to get hired by a company as it lays the foundation of a new life and new journey.

This foundation is very significant as fescue the path of one’s professional career. Many have admitted that finding a first job can be very challenging if you don’t have a genuine medium to get the right job.

In this blog, we will give some steps to find jobs as a fresher in India. Before moving ahead, we want to impart that there are ample job-related sites offering jobs but only a few of them are relevant, genuine, and have authentic job posts. You will find some of them are spamming through malicious information or maybe hunting for your personal information by giving fake job listings.

Here, we are going to give you ways to find jobs online. So, let’s start with the job hunt. We have put an extra effort to give you the whole insight of getting jobs online through our deep research.

How can a fresher find the desired job online?

Accurate Global Alliance is the perfect platform to find a job for professionals. You need to register by entering your valid details then you have to complete your profile. We emphasize completing your profile if you want recruiters to contact you. Once you filled out all the required information, make sure that your profile looks relevant and has valid details. There are also many job search engines and the same process is applied as above. Further, you should post an appealing resume. You should be careful here too while building your resume make sure that your resume follows industry standards.

Never miss crucial fields in your profile because the top jobs search engines algorithm helps recruiters search for potential profiles for their job vacancies.

Keep updating your profile if you achieve something or have completed courses. It will also enhance your profile and will give distinction to get shortlisted. Updating regularly will keep highlighting your profile and on the top of recruiter's search lists.

Now let’s come to the main agenda that is “How to find jobs on various job platforms or which are the best job platforms to search job”.

Some very good platforms make finding jobs hassle-free. They make candidate’s job searching process refine and candidates get their dream job. We are enlisting the top 5 platforms to find the right job and employer. These job portals have jobs listed across the country be it Noida, Delhi, Mumbai, Indore, Chennai, Banglore, Ahemdabad, and also from major Indian cities.

These are among the first job portals in India and leading in providing jobs to has expanded over the years. Finding a job through is the best option to choose. You must follow the rules & regulations to find a job. The very basic step to create your profile first and then complete your profile by giving valid information, uploading industry standards resume, verifying contact details, and updating from time to time. is the most reliable come first when someone is looking for a job finding website. This website is free to apply for jobs and you don’t need to pay a single penny for applying for a job on this platform.

2. Accurate Global Alliance-

This is Noida-based Hr consultancy services providing company that has an online presence with the domain of This is a job portal for everyone who is looking for a new dream job or wants to work in desired domain. The process is very simple to find jobs and also free to search for jobs. The company claims to have an approach in many industries and have jobs across every domain. A team of experts also helps candidates to prepare for job interviews and also build a resume as per industry standards. You simply log in through your credentials and build your profile but you must do registration first. Their approach is to provide the right skills to the right employer.

3.LinkedIn Jobs-

LinkedIn is the largest platform of professionals where you can build connections on your own and easily get a job through postings. LinkedIn is a very powerful platform for job search. LinkedIn job search allows you to use its job search tool to search for desired jobs. It also helps you to build direct connections to the people working in the same company you want to work with. Additionally, you can track down their activities and can follow them to be updated. To find the right candidate employers frequently use LinkedIn to recruit. If you are searching on LinkedIn for jobs and looking for desired profile use the filter option to narrow down job search. If you want to work on some desired company then follow their pages and build connections with them.


Indeed! is indeed a good job portal and the United States-based job search engine. Indeed has expanded to more than 60 countries and across continents. This is a very organized portal for every job seeker. Some professionals say that is the google of job search portals. Once you create your profile, they will update you with their auto mailer tool.


A subsidiary of the times group and has become the fastest-growing company in the jobs world. They have carved their niche in providing jobs information through their job portal. With their portal job, seekers can showcase their work samples and portfolio for communicating with the employer. They have put their effort into reducing the time of employers in judging candidates by their portfolio. They have worked with and have provided solutions to more than 25000 recruiters across India.

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